Letter from the Founder

Dear Friends:

Welcome to the 3rd Annual Women2Women Conference: Intergenerational Lessons & Legacies! I launched this conference out of a desire to bring generations of women together to inspire one another and to learn from each other how to lead better, more fulfilling lives.

Based on my years of experience mentoring young women entrepreneurs, young mothers, young professionals, and providing guidance to young women growing their careers and families, I saw a need to bring this mentor-mentee relationship that naturally exists among women in informal settings to the forefront, and have great conversations with women across generations in a setting that nurtures collegial sisterhood.

I believe younger generations of women today can benefit greatly from the wisdom of our more “seasoned” sisters. This conference is a way to begin engaging generations of women to share life experiences and life lessons with each other on subjects and life matters that will enhance and empower each other’s lives.

My passion for mentoring younger women began not just in my own home with my daughters, but as a result of someone mentoring and passing on their life lessons and legacies with me; my mentor, friend and sister for more than 30 years, Dr. Maya Angelou. Our relationship inspired me to give back to others the way this phenomenal woman gave to me. And, that is how and why the Women2Women Conference was born. Through our Women2Women Conference network, we strive to pass on our blessings, knowledge, and resources from generation to generation.

The Dr. Maya Angelou Phenomenal Woman Award was created by YEG as a tribute to the inimitable matriarch of female empowerment, Dr. Maya Angelou, whose legacy of social justice and social consciousness continues to enlighten and empower people everywhere. This year, the Award recognizes two servant leaders whose individual and/or organization efforts best exemplify the advancement of the ideals and principles of social justice, spiritual growth, and holistic approach to healing in today’s world.

Thank you in advance to our sponsors, partners, speakers, and conference attendees for your support and participation.  We are particularly indebted to Microsoft for its generous contribution of equipment and personnel in support of our Maya Angelou Teen Activities, and the professional training, career guidance, and exposure to employment opportunities for our conference attendees.  Your generosity, along with that of all our sponsors, partners, speakers, and participants will allow us to provide additional support for the Maya Angelou Teen Center at the Andrew and Walter Young Family YMCA in Atlanta, GA, and offer meaningful opportunities for growth and development of our attendees.  To the advisory council and host committee who will have worked tirelessly to help me bring this dream of mine to fruition, I am eternally grateful for their support.

Our theme this year, It’s Your Story: Believe, Prepare, Act, reminds us to be aware of and reflect on the many life stories within us and around us, that affect the health and well-being of women and children locally, nationally, and around the globe.  My hope is that this conference will inspire you to believe you can make a difference, provide you with tools to make a difference, and  encourage you to aspire to write your own story  as an advocate for change in your life and the lives of  women and children everywhere.  To inspire is our common purpose, and it should never change from our workplace, to our homes and communities.

Enjoy the conference!

Sonjia W. Young
Founder & CEO
Young Eventions Group, Inc.

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